Warmond is a friendly village in the Randstad, the busiest part of the Netherlands, north of Leiden, and easy to reach by car (highway A44) and train (station Sassemheim). It is also a quiet village, near the Kagerplassen and with a view of ‘Het Groene Hart’ and the flower bulb region (‘Bollenstreek’).

Warmond is also an old village, protected by a toll fence until the fifty’s. The sea-wall upon which it was built is over 4000 years old.

Nearby woods

So, Warmond is very diverse. It has a forest, a castle, a church ruin from the Dutch War of Independence, with knight tombs, beautiful country houses and many recreational possibilities.

‘Het Groene Hart’ (‘Green Heart’)

‘Het Groene Hart’ begins in Warmond. There are nine mills in different polders on Warmond’s property, which give it it’s typical Dutch allurement. So do the typical Zuid-Hollandse farms in and outside the center of the village, like Het Zwanenburg, Ouderswens, de Burcht, De Eenzaamheid, Sophia-hoeve en Nieuw-Alkemade. At the mini-market on Saturday, they sell homemade farmhouse cheese.


Dorpstraat, Warmond

The flower bulb fields also begin in Warmond. Depending on the weather, the ‘Bollenstreek’ is very colourful, between mid March and mid May. The highlight of the ‘Bollenstreek’ is the flower parade, usually planned in the last weekend of April.
Volunteers have developed many cycling routes which cross these flower bulb fields in bloom.


Together with Sassenheim and Voorhout, Warmond belongs to the municipality Teylingen since January 2006. The name ‘Teylingen’ was born in the ninth century and connects the three villages. In Warmond there is a house which belonged to Dirk van Teylingen and a castle called ‘Oud-Teylingen’ and on the border of Sassenheim and Voorhout, there is a castle ruin named ‘Nieuw-Teylingen’.

Sassenheim and Voorhout are also worth a visit.

Next to visiting the said ruin, one can also go shopping in Sassenheim. And in Voorhout one can visit the birthplace of the famous doctor and botanist Herman Boerhaave.

Nearby activities

  • Swimming
  • Sailing, canoeing
  • Tennis
  • Golfing
  • Fishing
  • Shopping
  • Museum visiting
  • Beach at 10 km
  • The ‘Keukenhof’ at 10 km